OSCS Retreat Registration - 2025

OSCS Retreat Registration - 2025

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2025 Dates:
This is a retreat registration for a crop in Lake Geneva, WI or Saint Charles, IL  The cost is $100 for Lake Geneva and $75 at the CRAFTERS' GATHERING PLACE. (Themed retreats cost more).

At the Crafters' Gathering Place, you get a 6' table. In Lake Geneva, you get a 6' or 8' table, depending on availability. 

If "no frills" this means that there is no "scrapbook" products for sale at this retreat.  

Each table at CGP has a light, crafting mat, comfy office rolling chair with arms (we have some without arms if you need those). We have a cameo station. Each table cluster has a power tower and extension cord. 

For mailing in registrations or crop cards, please go to www.onestopcropshop.com and click on "retreats" for more info and to print out a form to mail.  Information on hotels and room rates is also at this website. 

Lake Geneva retreats start on Friday at noon. End on Sunday at 5pm. 
Crafters' Gathering Place retreats start on Thursday at 10am and go till 10pm each night, ending at 5pm on Sunday. 
As always, prizes and grand prizes are at 1:30pm on Sundays (Must be present to win). 

Please email Kelly at kelly@onestopcropshop.com if you have any questions.